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Rocky beach
Clear, beautiful and deep.
Etna covered in snow
Probably why I can't get excited about going to the
pool !
View of Etna, largest active
volcano in Europe.  Volcanic
ash often covers the balcony
turning it almost totally black

Sicilian coastline by
Taormina (right).
About Us

When you choose Giacomo Cooks you've chosen a company that exists solely to share our love of authentically prepared fine
foods.  Having been born and raised in Sicily as a son of an American servicem
an and a prototypical Sicilian mother, food has
always been a key part of my life.  This love was encouraged by my Italian family.  Mom and grandma, uncles and aunts, most
having unbelievable knowledge and skill to share.  Many of my family are part of the sicilian food industry owning a "Panificio"
and "Salumeria" (Bakery and grocery store).  We were always introduced to the best produce, meats, cheese, and breads the
country had to offer.  I
worked under several great chef's and added knowledge and technique to my heritage and passion.  
When we moved back to the USA, I worked for several different restaurants.  I quickly realized that if I wanted to fully
showcase my skills as a chef I would have to do it with a restaurant of my own.  After enduring many frustrating years eating
Americanized Italian food at the various "Real Italian" establishments in the St Louis area, I decided to follow my dream.
prepare fine cuisine that genuinely represents the culture and original flavors of the nations from which they
  Fresh Authentic flavors and refined presentation.  I guarantee you will love my food and you and your friends and
family will enjoy the experience much more than just another fancy restaurant.   

Chef James (Giacomo) Reedy
St. Louis, MO   
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