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Personal Chef Services
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A little glimpse of my home town, Catania.
We visit Italia in 2003
Taormina in 2003
An outdoor "Trattoria Siciliana" (Left).  
The beautiful Sicilian coast line from one
of our visits in '03 (Above).  The whole
family with two of my cousins enjoying
the view.
A Chef in your kitchen
watch it, taste it, enjoy it!
Special Dinner at your home
Enjoy the great taste of fine dining without the stuffy atmosphere and the need to overdress.  We will come to
your home or business and prepare a fi
ne dining experience to remember.  All our dinners are served at the
table (no buffets here).  You will be able to watch, learn and ask questions of the chef as the meal is being
prepared right before your eyes.
The Chef will share his knowledge of the ingredients, preparation, cooking
tricks and techniques
learned in his thirty year career.  You can also just sit back with your group and wait to
be served.  Groups from 2-20 only.  Pick from our a la carte menus or see our Chef Specials. (kitchen must be
appropriate for the job.  Clean-up is included)

Weekly meal preparation:
If you love great food but just don't have the time to prepare it on a daily basis we are here for you.  We will
prepare and deliver to you a weekly supply (5 or 7 day) of freshly prepared, top quality lunches and dinners.  
We can fix meals based on any dietary requirement or restriction.  You and your entire family can enjoy meals
specifically tailored to your needs or wants.  Quick and easy to reheat and enjoy.  Within 48 hours you will
have your complete weekly meal plan customized just for you.  Our weekly pricing start from $250 per week.  

Cooking Lessons:
Are you out on your own and missing a homemade meal?  newly married and wanting to start cooking more at
home? Are you a foodie who wants to learn how to prepare some of your favorite meals?  If any of these
describe you, then call me for some cooking lessons.  as seen on many of the cooking channels, we will have a
great time as I share some of my recipes and techniques with you and your group.  You will learn how to prepare
your favorite dishes on your own.  The best part is that unlike the cooking channels we watch, you will be right
there to sample everything.  Gather together a group of friends for this fun and informative cooking show,
whether you are truly interested in learning or just for fun.
Services we offer
Don't go out to the same old boring restaurants. Get a group of friends
together and have the restaurant come to you.  
Fine dining in the comfort of your home